deborah-alessiFace Forward was founded by Mrs. Deborah Alessi in 2007, with a goal to provide pro-bono physical and emotional reconstruction for battered men, women, and children victimized by domestic violence.
While attending Glasgow University in her native country of Scotland, and before she founded her non-profit to help survivors from cruel situations in life, Mrs. Alessi was also a victim of domestic violence by an abusive partner. After receiving her degree, she migrated to the Middle East to escape from her abusive past, and started her career in the aviation industry. After working for the Royal Family of Bahrain for several years, she moved to the United States and succeeded in elevating her career to the top of the aviation industry.
Mrs. Alessi has always been an advocate toward ending domestic violence, but did not think of creating her organization, Face Forward, until she met her husband, Dr. David Alessi, a renowned facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who also specializes in neck disorders. For many years, Dr. Alessi had taken care of numerous indigent trauma patients whom had no other doctor to turn to for reconstructive procedures.
Working extensively with this patient population, alongside her husband, Mrs. Alessi recognized that the easy part was the physical reconstruction of the patients. Their biggest challenge was the lack of an adequate emotional support system for aftercare. With her passion for ending domestic violence, and Dr. Alessi’s expertise in the field of facial reconstruction, she took the initiative to establish Face Forward.
Face Forward’s mission is to provide physical restoration, as well as emotional support, for every man, woman, and child who has been a victim of household or gang-related violence. Face Forward vows to provide each victim with the best possible treatment, pro-bono. Today, Face Forward is able to provide treatment for hundreds of survivors of domestic violence, with more than 90% of all donations directed toward victim treatment and recovery. Mrs. Alessi has dedicated her life to this cause, and leads the Face Forward team year round.
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